EMS Medical Supplies



PharmacistUK Export:
We can offer a complete range of original UK products as well as European stock that is re-boxed under MHRA PLPI licence. This can offer significant cost savings when compared to the standard UK pack (whilst retaining the benefit of having UK PL registration number)

European Export:
In addition to the above, we can also offer a comprehensive range of European stock from across Europe. All of these products are available in their original country language and often do not comprise English on pack or leaflet.

If you are looking to source a basket of goods from across Europe, EMS can take care of procurement from several different European countries and prepare the goods in our UK facility for single dispatch.

PI Overstocks:
Through our network of European wholesalers we can offer a range of raw European stock that is slow-moving. This could be for German stock that has been sold to Denmark but due to lack of demand, an advantageous price can often be negotiated to sell into another Member State.

Non-EU Sourcing:
In addition to our numerous European trading partners, we also have an extensive network of wholesalers and distributors outside of the EU offering both pharmaceuticals and OTC products.

Whatever your logistics requirements, EMS can offer a tailored solution. In addition to express courier services, we can road and air freight as well as drop shipping.

Manufacturer Representation:
We can assist non-European manufacturers who are looking for help in introducing their product to the European market. In addition, we can act as agents for European manufacturers who wish to expand into markets such as Africa, Middle East and Asia.

EMS Medical Supplies